EDI Consulting
Applying Diversity of thought to todays’ business challenges

Business challenges are inevitable in todays’ dynamic environment and the most relevant solutions are derived by adopting a different lens; a different perspective.

EDI Consulting provides diversity of thought adding a different perspective to today’s modern business challenges. Our approach ensures your business products and services remain relevant and current. EDI Consulting provides innovative solutions to future proof your business model.

Why EDI Consulting?

  • Reimagine Your Business Process – At the heart of our consulting in redesigning processes to improve the customer experience
  • Product – Review the currency of your product offering to ensure relevance in today’s digital world
  • Consumer Insights – Gain insights to the factors influencing product choice: Tune in to your future consumer
  • New Markets – The digital age is giving rise to new opportunities, new markets for growth, our diversity of thoughts enables you to pivot your value proposition
  • Adapt, Evolve, Innovate – Our unique perspective of business challenges helps your business pivot and avoid the pitfalls of business
“When you change your perspective of a business challenge; the challenge changes your perspective.”
Frances Trought, Founder of EDI