When studying at university……..Don’t Forget to Eat Your Greens!

When studying at university……..Don’t Forget to Eat Your Greens!

When studying at university……..Don’t Forget to Eat Your Greens! 650 430 ediadmin

I don’t think I am alone when I hear my parents saying “..eat your greens they’ll make you grow big and strong!” Developing your employability skills is the same. You will not always see the immediate impact of attending a workshop, engaging in an activity, or joining a society. It is only through reflection that you begin to see how the activities you engage in help you to develop the skills and attributes employers value. It is also your engagement in these activities that highlight your strengths and areas for development. These activities may take you out of your comfort zone, but once there you will develop your own coping mechanisms. Imagine sky diving from a plane to show how you are willing to step out of your comfort zone or hosting a campus radio show to demonstrate your communication skills. You can socialise and build your skills at the same time!

The captain of a sports team demonstrates many of the skills and attributes needed to be an effective manager. Motivating your team, working together, having a positive attitude are all strong examples to be used when applying for future job opportunities. The ability to collaborate and work with others is a highly valued skill in the work place.

Get Involved at University!
Participating in the Students Union, volunteering, international internships, and work experience provide a wealth of opportunities for both personal and skills development. All of these experiences demonstrate to employers that you have the skills needed to perform the role. Students who focus purely on their academics often find that on graduation even with a first class honours, lack the ability to market their skills in the job market. If you have “eatenyour greens” throughout your degree you will graduate with not only your degree but a range of experiences that demonstrates your skills and attributes.

Brilliant Employability Skills helps students to translate their experiences, in order to identify skills directly transferable to the world of work.

Don’t Forget to Eat Your Greens!
Frances Trought
Author of Brilliant Employability Skills
Founder of Everything D&I

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