Creators of opportunity for diverse talent




Our Vision

Talent is everywhere and EDI aims to ensure opportunity is too!

We work with industry leaders to develop innovative initiatives to create a sense of belonging and awareness of career options. We bring industry and educators closer together to provide opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds and supporting businesses in building a diverse pipeline of talent.

“ Diversity is Being Invited to the Party: Inclusion is Being Asked to Dance ”
Verna Myers

About Us

EDI enables employers to communicate and engage with students from diverse backgrounds with a focus on students from African, Caribbean and Asian heritage including those from lower socio-economic groups and first generation into Higher Education. EDI provides a bridge between companies and diverse talent. At EDI we enable sixth forms , colleges and Universities to sign post students to opportunities.

The Founder

Everything D&I (EDI) was founded by Frances Trought, who is the author of Brilliant Employability Skills and has 18 years experience of working in Higher Education both as an academic and in support of students developing their employability skills. Frances’ focus is to bridge the gap between education and industry creating opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to showcase their talent. She develops innovative programmes, delivering guest lectures and coaching students one to one. Frances has partnered with Microsoft BAME Network, PwC Multiculutral Network, Amazon BEN, Royal Mail, developing opportunities for students to engage with industry. Frances is passionate about supporting others on their journey to success.

The Success Key

Talented people


Frances Trought

Programme Coordinator

Antonella Maccianti


Carol Parillon